Introduction (and Intermediate) Statistics in Psychology

This course covers basic statistics useful in psychological research, including descriptive statistics, probability, parameter estimation, mean comparison, correlation, regression, ANOVA, and chi-square statistics.


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Spring 2016 (INTMD STAT PSY; Undergraduate, CU)

Course Syllabus

Score Calculation Sheet

Intro Stat Reviews

All Videos.

  1. Introduction. PowerPoint.
  2. Inferential Statistics. PowerPoint.
  3. Hypothesis Testing. PowerPoint.
  4. One-sample z-test. PowerPoint.
  5. More on Hypothesis Testing. PowerPoint.
  6. One-sample t-test. PowerPoint.
  7. Independent t-test. PowerPoint.
  8. Correlation. PowerPoint. Fisher z (Excel).
  9. Dependent t-test. PowerPoint.
  10. Chi-square. PowerPoint.


All Videos

  1. Introduction. PowerPoint.
  2. One-way ANOVA. PowerPoint.
  3. Contrast Analysis. PowerPoint. Noncentrality Parameter Calculator.
  4. Two-way Factorial ANOVA. PowerPoint.
  5. Three-way Factorial ANOVA. PowerPoint.
  6. Repeated-measures ANOVA. PowerPoint.
  7. Multiple Regression. PowerPoint.
  8. Hierarchical Regression. PowerPoint.
  9. ANCOVA. PowerPoint.
  10. Moderation Analysis using Multiple Regression. PowerPoint.
  11. Mediation Analysis. PowerPoint. Power Analysis Calculator.
  12. Exploratory Factor Analysis. PowerPoint. Derivation.


  1. Introduction. Assignment
  2. One-way ANOVA. Assignment
  3. Contrast Analysis. Assignment
  4. Two-way Factorial ANOVA. Assignment.
  5. Three-way Factorial ANOVA. Assignment.
  6. Repeated-measures ANOVA. Assignment
  7. Multiple Regression. Assignment
  8. Hierarchical Regression. Assignment
  9. ANCOVA. Assignment
  10. Moderators. Assignment
  11. Mediation. Assignment Key
  12. EFA. Assignment. Datasets Key


  1. First Exam. Questions. Answer Sheet.
  2. Second Exam. Questions. Answer Sheet.

Fall 2015 (STAT PSY I; Graduate; CU)

Course Syllabus

Score Calculation Sheet


  1. Introduction; Descriptive statistics. PowerPoint
  2. Normal distribution; Probability theory. PowerPoint
  3. Intro to hypothesis testing. PowerPoint
  4. Hypothesis testing for one-sample mean. PowerPoint
  5. Effect size; Statistical power; Sample size planning. PowerPoint
  6. One sample t-test. PowerPoint
  7. Independent t-test. PowerPoint
  8. One-way ANOVA; Multiple comparison. PowerPoint
  9. Factorial ANOVA. PowerPoint
  10. Correlation. PowerPoint. Fisher z (Excel).
  11. Mean comparisons for correlated samples. PowerPoint
  12. Regression. PowerPoint
  13. Regression 2. PowerPoint
  14. Chi-square tests. PowerPoint
  15. Final Note. PowerPoint. Videos.


  1. Basic terminology; Descriptive statistics. Assignment
  2. Standard score; Probability. Assignment
  3. Hypothesis Testing. Assignment
  4. Z-test; Confidence Interval. Assignment
  5. Power; Sample Size Estimation; Equivalence Testing. Assignment
  6. One-sample t-test. Assignment
  7. Independent t-test. Assignment
  8. One-way ANOVA. Assignment
  9. Factorial ANOVA. Assignment
  10. Correlation. Assignment
  11. Mean comparisons for correlated samples. Assignment
  12. Regression 1. Assignment
  13. Regression 2. Assignment
  14. Chi-square tests. Assignment


  1. First Exam. Questions. Answer Sheet.
  2. Second Exam. Questions. Answer Sheet.
  3. Final Exam. Questions. Answer Sheet.

Materials from Previous Years


Introduction to the Class. PowerPoint (2008).

Introduction to the Statistics. PowerPoint (2008). Handout (2007).

Descriptive Statistics. PowerPoint (2008). PowerPoint (2007). Handout (2007).

Normal Distribution. PowerPoint (2008; pp. 1-17 and 44-45).

Probability and Sampling Procedure. PowerPoint (2008; pp. 18-47). Handout (2007).

Introduction to Hypothesis Testing. PowerPoint (2008). Handout (2007).

Hypothesis Testing for Sample Mean (Random Variables, Probability Distribution, One sample z-test). PowerPoint (2008). Handout (2007).

Issues in Hypothesis Testing (Effect Size, Confidence Interval, Power, Sample Size Estimation, Significance Level, and Hypothesis Testing Debates). PowerPoint (2008).

One Sample t-test. PowerPoint (2008). Handout (2007).

t-test for Means Comparison in Related Samples. PowerPoint (2008). Handout (2007; pp. 5-8).

t-test for Means Comparison in Independent Samples. PowerPoint (2008). Handout (2007; pp. 1-5).

Chi-square Test of Variance. Handout (2007).

Correlation. PowerPoint (2008). Handout (2007): Correlation as Descriptive Statistics. Handout (2007; pp. 1-4): Correlation as Inferential Statistics. CI of r calculator.

Simple Regression. PowerPoint (2008). Handout (2007; pp. 1-5): Simple Regression as Descriptive Statistics. Handout (2007; pp. 1-2 and 4-6): Simple Regression as Inferential Statistics. Note: Proof of Regression Coefficient based on Least Square Error.

Multiple Regression. Handout (2007; pp. 5-8). PowerPoint (2008; pp. 9-12 and 27-30): Introduction.

Comparing Correlation between Two Groups. PowerPoint (2008). Handout (2007; pp. 8-11).

Comparing Proportion between Two Groups. Handout (2007; pp. 5-8). Handout (2007; pp. 5-10). Note (2007; pp. 1-6) on McNemar Test.

Comparing Variance between Two Groups. Handout (2007; pp. 1-5).

Comparing Slope between Two Groups. Handout (2007; pp. 11-13).

Analysis of Variance. Handout (2007). PowerPoint (2008; pp. 3-8): Introduction.

Analysis of Variance for Randomized Block Design. Handout (2007).

Factorial Analysis of Variance. Handout (2007). PowerPoint (2008; pp. 13-26): Introduction.

Binomial Test. PowerPoint (2008). Handout (2007; pp. 1-3).

Chi-square: Goodness-of-fit. PowerPoint (2008). Handout (2007; pp.3-5). Note (2007; pp. 1-4).

Chi-square: Contingency Table. PowerPoint (2008). Handout (2007; pp. 8-9). Note (2007; pp. 4-10).

Cochran's Q Test. Handout (2007; pp. 10-11). Note (2007; pp. 6-14).

Association between Frequency Data (Phi, Kappa, Cramer's V, and Gamma Statistic). Handout (2007; pp. 11-19).

Conclusion and Selecting Appropriate Statistics. PowerPoint (2008; pp. 93-105). Handout (2007).

The Preview of Advanced Statistics (Moderator, Mediator, Control Variable, Factor Analysis, Logistic Regression, Multivariate Analysis, Path Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling, Multilevel Analysis, Time-series Analysis, Longitudinal Data Analysis, and Bootstrap Technique). PowerPoint (2008; pp. 13-92).

Summary of Inferential Statistics. Handout (2007).

Using SPSS. Handout (2007).

Summer 2009


Midterm. Test. Answer Sheet.


Course Project. Assignment. Case 1 Data. Case 2 Data.

Spring 2008



1. Hypothesis Testing. Assignment.

2. One Sample z-test. Assignment.

3. One Sample t-test. Assignment.

4. Dependent t-test. Assignment.

5. Independent t-test. Assignment.

6. Correlation. Assignment.

7. Chi-square: Goodness-of-fit. Assignment.

8. Chi-square: Contingency Table. Assignment.


Midterm. Test. Answer Sheet. Formula.

Final. Test. Answer Sheet. Answer Key (Part 1).

Spring 2007



1. Introduction and Descriptive Statistics. Quiz. Answer Sheet.

2. Correlation and Simple Regression. Quiz. Answer Sheet.

3. Comprehensize Quiz. Quiz. Answer Sheet.

4. Normal Distribution and Hypothesis Testing. Quiz. Answer Sheet.


Course Project. Assignment.


Final. Test. Answer Sheet. Answer Key (Part 2 and 3).

Fall 2006 (Tutoring Class)



Basic Statistics. Paper.

Basic and Advanced Statistics. Paper.


Test 1. Test.