Introduction to R


Spring 2016.


Class 1: Getting Started. R Script.

Class 2: Data frame; Mathematical and Boolean Operations. R Script.

Class 3: Import/Export; Basic Graphs; List; Factor. R Script. Data Sets.

Class 4: Matrix, Aggregate, Basic Statistics. R Script.

Class 5: Analysis of Variance. R Script.

Class 6: Analysis of Variance for Repeated-measures Designs. R Script.

Class 7: Multiple Regression. R Script.

Class 8: Plotting. R Script.

Class 9: Function and If-Statement. R Script.

Class 10: for-loop, sapply, lapply, and paralelling processing. R Script.

Class 11: Generalized Linear Model. R Script.

Class 12: Structural Equation Modeling using lavaan. R Script.

Class 13: Exploratory Factor Analysis. R Script.

Class 14: semTools. R Script.


Assignment 1. Key.

Assignment 2. Key.

Assignment 3. Key.

Assignment 4. Key.

Assignment 5. Key.

Assignment 6. Key.

Assignment 7. Key.

Assignment 8. Key.

Assignment 9. Key.

Assignment 10. Key.

Assignment 11. Data. Key.

Assignment 12. Key.

Assignment 13. Key.


Test 1.

Test 2.

Test 3. Data.