Introduction to R

This course will introduce the R statistical computing environment. R is an open-source (free!) programmable statistics platform with many options for different types of data analysis. I covered the basic knowledge in R and provided fundamentals for learning advanced R techniques.


The articles written in English have blue links or blue table cells. The articles written in Thai have red links or red table cells.

Spring 2016

Lectures Materials Assignments
Getting Started
Data frame; Mathematical and Boolean Operations
Import/Export; Basic Graphs; List; Factor
Matrix, Aggregate, Basic Statistics
Analysis of Variance
Analysis of Variance for Repeated-measures Designs
Multiple Regression
Function and If-Statement
for-loop, sapply, lapply, and paralelling processing
Generalized Linear Model
Structural Equation Modeling using lavaan
Exploratory Factor Analysis
Tests Questions
Test 1
Test 2
Test 3