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simsem package

This R package has been developed for facilitating analysts to simulate and analyze data within the structural equation modeling (SEM) framework. This package aims to help analysts to create simulated data from their hypotheses or their analytic results from obtained data. The simulated data can be used for different purposes, such as power analysis, model fit evaluation, and planned missing design. More Details

semTools package

This R package has been developed for collecting useful functions for structural equation modeling. This package is built as another way for anyone who would like to share any useful functions in R. In other words, everyone is invited to send functions to us and we will maintain the functions for you. We will add some functions that we think they are useful as well. More Details

PAWS: Power analysis and Width of Confidence Inverval for Sample Size Estimation

The purpose of the Power analysis And Width of confidence interval for Sample size estimation (PAWS) is to help researchers in the planning stage of their cluster randomized design studies. The program provides information about optimal sample size combinations (number of clusters and cluster size) based on several criteria: statistical power, accuracy in effect size estimation, and cost. PAWS estimates the cluster and individual-level sample size combination that results in the desired power with the lowest cost. Also, the program will estimate the cluster and individual-level sample size combination that provides the smallest width of CI of ES with the lowest cost. More Details

Contribution to the MBESS package

MBESS is an R package that collects useful functions, especially in effect size, confidence intervals, and sample size estimation. I rewrote the function to find the confidence interval of reliability, including coefficients alpha and omega. I also wrote the function for sample size estimation to get the desired accuracy in (standardized and unstandardized) treatment effect in cluster randomized design. MBESS page


Confidence Interval of Pearson's correlation. Excel

Scaled Chi-square Difference Test. Excel