Study of Cheating Behavior in Thai Undergraduate Students

This study aims to investigate undergraduate students' cheating behaviors in Bangkok, Thailand. We studied cheating frequencies, methods of cheating, reasons for cheating, and correlations of cheating frequencies with other variables. We found that at least 66 percent of students cheated for themselves, and at least 57 percent of students helped other people cheat. The most popular method was talking about the answers during the examination. The most popular reason why students cheat is to improve their grades. Surprisingly, as the most popular reason students helped other students cheat, they thought there was no negative consequence. The most popular reason not to cheat was to test their ability. Here is the list of correlational findings:

  1. There was no sex difference in cheating behavior.
  2. First-year students and seniors cheated for themselves more than sophomores and juniors. However, academic years did not significantly differ in the prevalence of helping other students cheat.
  3. Natural science major had more likely to cheat than other disciplines.
  4. Cheaters and cheating helpers had higher latest semester GPA than non-cheaters.
  5. There was no difference among cheaters and non-cheaters in (a) any of three dimensions of Eysenck's personality, (b) mastery-orientation, (c) performance-orientation, (d) refusal assertiveness, and (e) sensation seeking, as well as among the cheat helpers and non-helpers.


  1. Sunthud Pornprasertmanit
  2. Kris Ariyabuddhiphongs
  3. Jirapattara Raweepattarakul
  4. Wikanda Srijaratrung
  5. Chaipond Patarawareekul
  6. Pawanrat Komenake
  7. Warunyu Kongchaimongkhon
  8. Patcharaphon Poshakrishna
  9. Chonlada Mekkit
  10. Sukawit Tonarang
  11. Witsinee Bovornsvakool
  12. Nattherin Limapornvanich
  13. Sakkaphat Ngamake
  14. Chalamphol Therakul
  15. Pruttha Distaporn
  16. Pattaraporn Thawatsupha
  17. Pornkanung
  18. Nida
  19. Withanwa
  20. Nuttaga
  21. Veeraya
  22. Wanlapa
  23. Suthasinee
  24. Rungsiri
  25. Paween
  26. Chumporn Yongkittikul

Author Note

This project is the part of class project of Research Methods in Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, Chulalongkorn University. Chumporn Yongkittikul is the advisor of this study.


Publication (pp. 73-86).

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