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Computer Application in Psychology

This course covers basic software knowledge for studying in psychology. I taught how to browse internet efficiently, how to search for psychology articles databased (e.g., PSYCinfo), how to use MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, how to use Acrobat Professional, how to use SPSS for data management and basic statistics, and how to write an academic report in psychology.


The articles written in English have blue links or blue table cells. The articles written in Thai have red links or red table cells.

Fall 2007

Materials PowerPoint More
Introduction to Computer
Internet and Database Surfing Paper.
List of Useful Websites.
MS Word 2007
MS Excel 2007
MS PowerPoint 2007
Acrobat Professional 7
APA Style
Presenting Your Finding
Introduction to SPSS
Mean Comparison
Correlation and Regression
Nonparametric Statistics

Quizs Materials More
Basic Computer and Internet
SPSS Data Management and Descriptive Statistics
SPSS Syntax
Screening Data
Statistics for Comparing Means
Correlation and Regression Analysis
Nonparametric Statistics and Acrobat Professional
Microsoft Word Template
Microsoft PowerPoint Template
Microsoft Excel Template
APA Style

Tests Materials More
Midterm Data.

Class Material Archive

Spring 2007 (Pre-graduate course)


  1. Online Psychology Information. Assignment.
  2. Data Entry in SPSS. Assignment. Questionnaire. Feedback.
  3. Data Screening in SPSS. Assignment. Data. Answer. Feedback.
  4. Recode and Compute in SPSS. Assignment. Data. Feedback.
  5. Descriptive Statistics in SPSS. Assignment. Data. Feedback.
  6. Data Management in SPSS. Assignment. Data: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Feedback.
  7. Detecting Outliers in SPSS. Assignment. Data.
  8. Data Analysis in SPSS. Assignment.

Fall 2006


  1. Workbook. Test. Survey Data. Survey Questionnaire. Experiment Data. Webboard Printout.
  2. Final. Test.