Introduction (and Intermediate) Statistics in Psychology

This course covers basic statistics useful in psychological research, including descriptive statistics, probability, parameter estimation, mean comparison, correlation, regression, ANOVA, and chi-square statistics.


The articles written in English have blue links or blue table cells. The articles written in Thai have red links or red table cells.

Spring 2016 (INTMD STAT PSY; Undergraduate, CU)

Materials Videos PowerPoint Assignments More
One-way ANOVA
Contrast Analysis Noncentrality Parameter
Two-way Factorial ANOVA
Three-way Factorial ANOVA
Repeated-measures ANOVA
Multiple Regression
Hierarchical Regression
Analysis of Covariance
Moderation Analysis using Multiple Regression
Mediation Analysis Keys.
Exploratory Factor Analysis Keys. Datasets.
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Fall 2015 (STAT PSY I; Graduate; CU)

Materials Videos PowerPoint Assignments More
Introduction & Descriptive statistics
Normal distribution & Probability theory
Intro to hypothesis testing
Hypothesis testing for one-sample mean
Effect size, Statistical power, & Sample size planning
One sample t-test
Independent t-test
One-way ANOVA; Multiple comparison*
Two-way Factorial ANOVA*
Correlation Fisher z (Excel).
Mean comparisons between correlated samples
Multiple Regression*
Hierarchical Regression*
Chi-square tests
Final Note

*Same materials as in the Intermediate Statistics class

Tests Questions Keys
First Exam
Second Exam
Final Exam

Lecture Material Archive

Topics Materials
Introduction to the Class PowerPoint (2008).
Introduction to the Statistics PowerPoint (2008).
Handout (2007).
Descriptive Statistics PowerPoint (2008).
PowerPoint (2007).
Handout (2007).
Normal Distribution PowerPoint (2008; pp. 1-17 and 44-45).
Probability and Sampling Procedure PowerPoint (2008; pp. 18-47).
Handout (2007).
Introduction to Hypothesis Testing PowerPoint (2008).
Handout (2007).
One sample z-test PowerPoint (2008).
Handout (2007).
Issues in Hypothesis Testing PowerPoint (2008).
One sample t-test PowerPoint (2008).
Handout (2007).
t-test for Means Comparison between Related Samples PowerPoint (2008).
Handout (2007; pp. 5-8)
t-test for Means Comparison between Independent Samples PowerPoint (2008).
Handout (2007; pp. 1-5).
Chi-square Test of Variance Handout (2007).
Correlation PowerPoint (2008).
Handout (2007)
CI of r calculator.
Simple Regression PowerPoint (2008).
Handout (2007; pp. 1-5)
Handout (Further Topics) (2007)
Note (Least Square Error). (2008)
Multiple Regression Handout (2007; pp. 5-8).
PowerPoint (2008; pp. 9-12 and 27-30).
Comparing Correlation between Two Groups PowerPoint (2008).
Handout (2007; pp. 8-11).
Comparing Proportion between Two Groups Handout (2007; pp. 5-8).
Handout (2007; pp. 5-10).
Note (McNeMar Test) (2007; pp. 1-6)
Comparing Variance between Two Groups Handout (2007; pp. 1-5).
Comparing Slope between Two Groups Handout (2007; pp. 11-13).
Analysis of Variance Handout (2007).
PowerPoint (2008; pp. 3-8).
Analysis of Variance for Randomized Block Design Handout (2007).
Factorial Analysis of Variance Handout (2007).
PowerPoint (2008; pp. 13-26)
Binomial Test PowerPoint (2008).
Handout (2007; pp. 1-3).
Chi-square: Goodness-of-fit PowerPoint (2008).
Handout (2007; pp.3-5).
Note (2007; pp. 1-4).
Chi-square: Contingency Table PowerPoint (2008).
Handout (2007; pp. 8-9).
Note (2007; pp. 4-10).
Cochran's Q Test Handout (2007; pp. 10-11).
Note (2007; pp. 6-14).
Mediation Presentation (2013).
Example SPSS Data (2013).
Practice SPSS Data (2013).
R Script (2013).
Association between Frequency Data Handout (2007; pp. 11-19).
Conclusion and Selecting Appropriate Statistics PowerPoint (2008; pp. 93-105).
Handout (2007).
The Preview of Advanced Statistics PowerPoint (2008; pp. 13-92).
Summary Sheet of Basic Inferential Statistics Handout (2007).
How to Use SPSS Handout (2007).

Class Material Archive

Summer 2009


Midterm. Test. Answer Sheet.


Course Project. Assignment. Case 1 Data. Case 2 Data.

Spring 2008


  1. Hypothesis Testing. Assignment.
  2. One Sample z-test. Assignment.
  3. One Sample t-test. Assignment.
  4. Dependent t-test. Assignment.
  5. Independent t-test. Assignment.
  6. Correlation. Assignment.
  7. Chi-square: Goodness-of-fit. Assignment.
  8. Chi-square: Contingency Table. Assignment.


Midterm. Test. Answer Sheet. Formula.

Final. Test. Answer Sheet. Answer Key (Part 1).

Spring 2007


  1. Introduction and Descriptive Statistics. Quiz. Answer Sheet.
  2. Correlation and Simple Regression. Quiz. Answer Sheet.
  3. Comprehensize Quiz. Quiz. Answer Sheet.
  4. Normal Distribution and Hypothesis Testing. Quiz. Answer Sheet.


Course Project. Assignment.


Final. Test. Answer Sheet. Answer Key (Part 2 and 3).

Fall 2006 (Tutoring Class)


Basic Statistics. Paper.

Basic and Advanced Statistics. Paper.


Test 1. Test.